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This is the first of a monthly newsletter series that I will be posting.  It has multiple functions, part educational, part promotional.

Today I want to tell you that my practice is open and that we are fully functional, up and running and ready to tackle the challenges of Covid 19 head on.

We adopt a strict implementation of “you protect me and I protect you”.    You follow all the social distancing guidelines.  I will implement strict / aseptic sterile techniques and the Hospital has strictly demarcated safe zones.

We will talk in more detail if you need a procedure.

There are many procedures that can be done in the rooms such as Botox, Fillers, Upper and lower eyelid surgery.  Liposculpture with fat transfer to the face and hands.

If you would like me to discuss a particular topic let me know and I can do a specific write up on the topic.

In the next newsletter I will discuss upper and lower eyelid surgery in more details.

The benefit of having a rooms procedure is there is less hassle of being admitted to the Hospital.  It is much more convenient.

The procedures are done under local anaesthetic, usually an hour or less and you go home.

Recovery from rooms procedures are usually less than 5 days.  Economically it makes sense because there is no cost of hospital and hospital staff.

Next month I will give details on eyelid surgery with before and after photos.

Be safe, wear a mask and be positive.

Kind regards

Paul McGarr

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For so many reasons, this was one of the best decisions I have ever made.

Dr McGarr was thorough in his explanation of my procedure and he has the best bedside manner of any doctor I have ever known-making me feel like I was the only patient he cared about!

This kind, gentle, unassuming doctor showed sincere interest in my progress and made certain that I was well cared for in the hospital and post-op at home.

I only wish Dr McGarr was a dentist, a GP, a psychologist etc so I could go to him for everything!

Kim Fraser

* Disclaimer: These are our patient stories and experiences. Your results may vary.

– Facelift Patient

In September 2004 I was diagnosed with Asthesioneuroblastoma. After this was surgically removed I underwent chemotherapy and radiotherapy. Two years later I developed necrotic (dead) bone in my forehead. Dr McGarr removed the necrotic bone. I was left with a dip in the area.

Dr McGarr suggested filling the area with fat. This was a slow and meticulous procedure every 6 weeks. Dr McGarr persevered and the procedure was repeated 36 times until it was eventually completed six years later.

During this time we came to know Dr McGarr as an outstanding plastic surgeon with a passion and love for his work. I am most grateful to Dr McGarr for returning my life to normal. For not giving up and persevering for so many years.

Leonie Slabbert

* Disclaimer: These are our patient stories and experiences. Your results may vary.

– Structural Fat Graft Patient

From my first meeting with Dr McGarr he made me feel most welcome and at ease. In fact it felt as if I had known him for years. His explanation of the procedures was clear, as well as advising me of the possible risks with such procedures.

My face left operation was not painful but certainly I felt a little uncomfortable. Two weeks post the operation I was able to resume work.

I wish to express my sincerest gratitude to Dr Mc Garr for a very successful face lift that has enhanced my self-confidence and self-esteem immensely. I feel on top of the world and I would not hesitate to recommend him.
Monica Walker

* Disclaimer: These are our patient stories and experiences. Your results may vary.

– Facelift Patient

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